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What is Coaching?

Updated: May 28

Tom House is a renowned MLB and NFL throwing coach. His coaching clients include Tom Brady. Surprised that Tom Brady personally hired a throwing coach in the middle of his illustrious career?

Great athletes have great coaches. Great athletes should have great coaches. No one argues this.

Great leaders/pastors should also have great coaches, for the same reasons.

Why do we think that the fundamentals of how the Lord designed us change because someone is on the field, instead of in the pulpit?

"Ok, but is this ministry/leadership coach person a far better pastor/leader than I am?"

Wrong question - and truth be told, you probably wouldn't actually want that scenario anyway!

A coach's skillset is expertly helping you be better at what you are good at.

A coach's skillset does not have to be being good at what you are good at.

In fact, a good coach doesn’t even really need to have all that much experience doing what you are good at.

Don't be so shocked by that. Most coaches of professional sports teams were not professional athletes, let alone top professional athletes. But they are top professional coaches. They're gifted at being coaches.

Look, if coaches were better than you at what you are good at, then they would probably be doing what you are doing and not coaching.

But since their skill set is expertly helping you be better at what you are good at, don't look for a coach who has 10 years of experience out succeeding you (look for that in your mentors - and please have mentors).

No, look for a coach with a track record of helping people far out succeed at what they do! (That is its own skillset!)

Let me break it down this way:

  • A ministry/leadership coach helps you unpack and get clarity on what the Lord has put in your heart.

  • A ministry/leadership coach helps you clarify your vision, direction, goals, etc.

  • A ministry/leadership coach challenges flaws in your strategic planning, implementation, processes, etc.

  • A ministry/leadership coach helps you be accountable to not letting the work above not get done.

  • A ministry/leadership coach helps you navigate overwhelming challenges.

Tell me again why you don't need a coach?

Or click here to read this testimonial about coaching from a pastor.

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