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The Purpose of Coaching

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Coaches are not therapists for businesses or ministries. Coaches are not advice hotlines. Coaches do not exist to give you quick tips here and there. So, what do coaches exist to accomplish?

That answer begins with where your coach began. In my case, I have spent the last 20 years of my life helping leaders build the next phase of growth in their organization. I have done this for pastors, those heading to the mission field, non-profit leaders, business owners/leaders, and salespeople/sales leaders.

In case you missed it, the purpose of coaching is growth. Some of you can and will stop right there. For the rest of you... coaching being about growth is why coaching isn't too difficult to evaluate in terms of success. You identify where you want/need to grow and then hire a coach who is experienced in helping growth within that area(s).

So, in my case, leaders who aren’t experiencing the growth that they want to have and/or have expected, are ideal candidates to do coaching with me. By the way, how LONG the leader has been leading is completely irrelevant.

Yes, this work often starts by helping those leaders get “unstuck” so that they can focus on building and driving growth. And though we may market what we do in terms of helping people get "unstuck", the full purpose is growth.

So, is there a place in your life, your leadership, or your organization that needs growth? If yes, click here to start the conversation with us.

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