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Signs of Burnout

Updated: May 28, 2023

The GiF is pretty funny to watch, but not to experience. Learn how to identify the signs of burnout.

Here are a few of them:

  • Easily distracted during work (like even reading this right now).

  • That knot in your stomach every Saturday night (pastors).

  • Vacation feeling more like a release from prison.

  • Ripping into co-workers/staff (even bosses/customers) for minuscule things.

  • Not catching yourself spending free time (like shower time) dreaming about what you want to accomplish at work.

That last bullet is usually the first sign for us pastors. (If you never have done that last bullet point during your current tenure (or ever), your heart is telling you that you have problem).

"I just need a vacation." Yes. But that won't solve the root problem and you will most likely be right back where you are now, shortly.

"I just need a new position." Maybe. But that too won't solve the root problem either, and you will still most likely be right back where you are now.

Burnout requires help. Click here to message us.

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