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Updated: May 27, 2023

People join your team because of hope and promises...

...their hope that your promises of things like

  • great pay

  • wonderful benefits

  • close connections

  • passion around what the organization is accomplishing

  • fulfilling work (passion around what they accomplish for the organization)

  • success

  • low amounts of interpersonal conflict

  • potential for advancement

  • and healthy work-life balance

all come to fruition as the foundational building blocks of a healthy environment where each employee (and therefore their families too) can flourish and thrive.

(In case you missed it, I just defined what most employees consider to be a "healthy, thriving work-culture".)

Those employees almost always stay on your team because the positives of the role and workplace simply outweigh the negatives of it (and/or their other known employment options).

I know that may sound too basic to be true, but it is. Employee retention is really that simple. As long as you keep your grass green enough, your people will most likely stay.

However, don't mistake staying for growing or thriving. In fact, mistaking staying for growing or thriving is a prime limiting factor of an organization succeeding and achieving its next level of growth.

Wait, culture drives growth?

Yep. Your organization will thrive and experience sustained growth, when its people are constantly growing and thriving. Think of it this way, good things are not the natural biproduct of a bad environment. Jesus said that bad trees don't produce good fruit. The same holds true for your organization. And what makes that truth even more difficult is that heathy culture isn’t an accident. Healthy culture is intentionally designed, proactively built, and consistently championed.

Ready to work on yours?

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