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that is focused on growing pastors of small churches and their ministries in three key areas:


Everyone deals with problems. But if your problems have gone unresolved longer than 6 months, your problems have turned into Sticking Points; even if you don't feel stuck. 


And long term Sticking Points left unresolved, will eventually turn from "unwelcomed guests who won't leave" into "unwelcome roommates who will force you to leave".

For many pastors, pride has caused  them to believe debilitating lies like:

  • Our problems are different

  • Our problems aren't a big deal

  • I'm not stuck and don't need help


Look, getting stuck is totally normal. But don't stay stuck. Click the button below to start a conversation with us about resolving your problems.


Jesus told us that the harvest is plentiful, that He came to give us life & life more abundantly, and that those planted in good soil would reap a minimum 30x return. 

In short, Jesus promised us growth!  Churches and its pastors need:

  • Numerical/Evangelical Growth

  • Financial Growth

  • Spiritual Growth/Discipleship

  • Personal Growth

  • Growth in Faith, Gifts, and Power


But Lack of Growth is the leading Sticking Point for small churches.


​Has Lack of Growth become your church's Sticking Point or even "unwelcomed roommate"?  You don't have to keep living that way. Click the button below to start a conversation with us about growing your ministry.


Good leadership resolves Sticking Points and drives growth. And, good leadership is a learned skill. 


In fact, good leadership is one of the more important learned skills that the pastor of a small church should continue to learn and grow in. 


Unfortunately, many leaders mistakenly assume that they are learning and growing in leadership because they hold a leadership position.  

You have probably served under someone who needed to grow in their leadership, but didn't because they mistook being a leader for growing in leadership. How well did that turn out? Are you in danger of being that to someone else? Click the button below to start a conversation with us about leadership.



Grats is led by Pastor Ioannis (Pronounced "Yani") Gratsinopoulos. 

Ioannis is an award-winning, Fortune 200 trainer and business coach, an ordained pastor, and a 20-year veteran ministry coach. In fact, he has over 10,000 hours of consulting, training, and coaching within the church and business worlds, with a focus on successfully assisting organizational and leadership transformations. He holds a degree in church leadership with a minor in psychology. 

“Ioannis met with me... at a time when I felt especially “stuck” as a pastor...

Ioannis has a unique way of asking questions and providing insight that helps get beyond the surface issues and more to the heart of the matter.

I was challenged by Ioannis in a good and much-needed way. Many Pastors isolate themselves because they don’t have someone to serve as a sounding board or to talk to who will provide constructive feedback.  Ioannis understands the business and ministry side of things as he has experience with both. He is positive, Christ-centered, and highly motivational.”

- Konrad Ziesing, Senior Pastor