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Tom House is a renowned MLB and NFL throwing coach. His coaching clients include Tom Brady. Surprised that Tom Brady personally hired a throwing coach in the middle of his illustrious career?

Great athletes have great coaches. Great athletes should have great coaches... no one argues this.

Great leaders should also have great coaches, for the same reasons.  

Check out the testimony below...

Time spent working with Grats, LLC is some of the most valuable time I have each month. Ioannis helps me take my strengths and use them more effectively. The work we do together has helped me identify weak points in my leadership and management approaches and, when appropriate, mitigate them and improve them.

The balance that this work is bringing back to my life is invaluable. Without it I would not only be less effective in my job, I would be less of a leader to my team, less of a family man, and of less service to my community— all things I hold dear.

Most importantly, the improvements I'm seeing in my own skill are making the lives and jobs of my employees and my Board of Directors better. We are all improving what we do without adding work hours or stress.

After two years of pandemic-induced challenges, this work is helping to bring pleasure back to the workday and makes me optimistic for my own future and that of my organization. I am glad I made the small investment in retaining Grats, LLC. The return on investment has been dramatic and lasting.

David L. Reid, Executive Director

Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce


Never done business coaching before? Alissa's testimony (on our Articles and Podcasts page) will speak directly to you! "My First Coaching Experience" (

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