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"Working with Grats Business Coaching was my first coaching experience and I’m so happy I chose to invest in myself.


From the very first meeting, Ioannis was professional, welcoming, and asked all the right questions.


He listened to my current situation and gave me perspective that addressed my challenges patiently and respectfully. His experience helped me determine what was most important to me in business and life. The coaching process gave me clarity on how to grow my business and is making me a better leader.


Since working with Ioannis, I have seen positive impacts on my business and personal life; as well as discovering purpose in my journey and feeling more optimistic about my future.


Ioannis has made my first coaching experience enjoyable and worthwhile. I am very grateful for his empowering service and would highly recommend him to overwhelmed entrepreneurs or anyone feeling stuck and seeking more freedom."


Alissa Trotter, Business Owner

Transformative results start with hard work.  Slowly work through and complete our Business Evaluation Tool. Upon completion of the Business Evaluation Tool, you will be eligible to receive one FREE coaching session.

Where is your business at? (Outline the current status of your business.)

You need to be BRUTALLY honest answering this question. And you need to answer it in great detail.

Where is your business trying to go?

If you have a built vision statement(s), this is a great time to re-evaluate it.

What are ALL of the roadblocks to your business arriving at the destination above?

Don’t leave any roadblock out, no matter how big or small.

What have you done, or are doing, or what have you not done, or are not doing, that reinforces those roadblocks?

Slowly work through answering this question.

What has happened or is happening in your business/people, that is NOT your fault/doing, but that is reinforcing those roadblocks?

Slowly work through answering this question.

Use this link to schedule your complimentary Initial Coaching Meeting:

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