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Lead Healthy | Lead Free

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." Galatians 5:1


Is your organization healthy and free? Do you lead from a place of consistent health and freedom? 

Check out the video below for more on this...

Check out the testimonies below...

“Ioannis met with me... at a time when I felt especially “stuck” as a pastor...

Ioannis has a unique way of asking questions and providing insight that helps get beyond the surface issues and more to the heart of the matter.

I was challenged by Ioannis in a good and much-needed way. Many Pastors isolate themselves because they don’t have someone to serve as a sounding board or to talk to who will provide constructive feedback. Ioannis understands the business and ministry side of things as he has experience with both. He is positive, Christ-centered, and highly motivational.”

Pastor Konrad

"I had an opportunity to begin some coaching sessions with Ioannis. I had received some coaching in the past, so I thought I had a decent idea of what was coming. However, God had some other plans in store. As we began our partnership, I really wanted to focus on the Mission and Vision Statement for our church. As we began to hammer out what that looked like, God began to reveal some different things in my life. As much as I wanted to get certain things accomplished, God used Ioannis to help me see some other areas that needed some more dire attention.


At that point in time, I had begun to experience some ministry burnout. I had discovered that I had checked out, lost hope, and was just simply going through the motions of ministry. Somehow, I was blinded to the reality that I was living in. I was having such a hard time finding our Vision and Mission Statement for the church because I wasn’t even aware of what my personal one was! This was hard. What led me to this place? How did I even get here? And how do I get out? Do I even want to get out?


But God…


God is so good. Through His patience and his love for me, along with the help and direction I was receiving from Ioannis, things slowly began to change. Sin of pride, unrest, and complacency were revealed to me. As I repented, God showed His grace to me and I began to listen to His voice more clearly. There were changes that needed to take place in my life that I wasn’t aware of. Through this coaching partnership, and more importantly, by Gods goodness, I was able to begin to make some of these changes.


I’m thankful for Ioannis and how God has used him in my life."

Pastor Dustin


"I walked into coaching thirsty. Lips cracked, mouth dry and spirit dehydrated. I felt burnt out and emptied of all anointing. My heart was crusted from nonstop motion and effort to pour out of a dry cistern. I was so thirsty for a fresh word from the Lord- that feeling when you hear him speaking and your spirit is sensitive and supple and full. 

I knew that I needed help, and pulling myself up by my bootstraps was not the right approach this time. My spiritual drought called for a deeper drenching than the light rains of my normal self-improvement activities...

...Little by little, I began to hear his voice again. His words began to leap into my heart, sweet conversations behind the steering wheel and in my office chair began to overwhelm me. The feeling of refreshing- being made new because of being “in” him gracefully danced into my spirit."

Katy, A COO who pastors in the marketplace.

You can read Katy's full testimony on our Articles and Podcasts page:

"A COO's Ministry Coaching Testimonial".  

You can also read Pastor Tom's testimony on our Articles and Podcasts page: 

"A Pastor's Coaching Testimony".

Do you want to be the leader that your people voluntarily seek guidance, wisdom, and inspiration from?

Do you want to be the leader who transforms challenges into opportunities?

Do you want to be the leader that walks in full freedom; not subject to fear of any kind?

Do you want to be the leader whom God has called you to be?




So, book your free Initial Coaching Meeting with Grats now!!

Not ready yet to talk to us?  Still needing to see more?  No problem.  We have volumes of free resources on our Articles and Podcast page that will help you get closer, on your own, to becoming the leader above.


Here is a great starting article:

"Your Church/Business/Organization is a Reflection of the Person/People That They are Following".

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