Most ministries have common Sticking Points- areas where they are stuck and need resolve or growth.  Below is a list of these common Sticking Points


Read each one out loud and check all Sticking Points and additional statements that are true in your life or ministry.

Final Questions 

Review the answers above that have all three boxes checked off, or that you listed as "Other". 

Of those answers, identify the three that need to be resolved first.


List out those top three Sticking Points below in order of their urgency.

For each of your top 3 urgent Sticking Points that you listed in the box above, ask yourself this question:


Do you know someone who is qualified, called, AND available to partner with you to help bring resolve?

If your answer is yes, write out an accountability date that you will reach out to them by for each Sticking Point.


If your answer is no, write no for each Sticking Point.

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