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Problems are Meant to Be Solved

Updated: May 28, 2023

“Ok class, here are your math problems. Please live with them for the next couple of years.”


No, that isn’t a real quote from a teacher. Why not? Because when you were a kid and given math PROBLEMS, what were you asked to do?

You were asked to SOLVE them.


Because problems are meant to be solved. In math, in life, and in the ministries and businesses that you lead, problems are always meant to be solved.

When we were kids and didn’t know the answers, we either asked for help or we guessed and reaped the consequences of wrong answers.

You know what? The same holds true for as adults.

But the consequences for not reaching out for help as adults are MUCH more expensive and even catastrophic at times.


If you or your marriage need emotional help, find a great counselor.

If your car sounds funny, find a great mechanic.

If you have spiritual questions about life after death, find a great pastor.

If you have lingering and unresolved problems in your business or ministry, find a great coach.

If your state or country has major issues, find a great politi… ok, it doesn’t work for everything, I guess.

I’m joking - great people in politics exist. And if you can’t find any, then maybe you need to become the first.

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