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Measuring the Efficacy of Your Leadership and Influence

Updated: Apr 24

Ioannis was a guest on Russ Hedge's live podcast "Marketing with Russ... aka #RussSelfie", discussing how to measure leadership and influence.

The people who often need the most coaching and training about leadership and influence, are also often the people who ignore that coaching and training the most - leaders!

Pastors, don't ignore this podcast. Listen and then begin to measure the efficacy of your leadership and influence!

If your efficacy measurements come out low, Grats can help. Click here to contact us about that help.

Listen to the podcast here:

Apple: Marketing with Russ... aka #RussSelfie on Apple Podcasts

Spotify: Marketing with Russ... aka #RussSelfie | Podcast on Spotify




#1000thanks to Russ from

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