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Focusing on growing your church is probably why you aren't growing His church.

Pastor, your church is probably not growing... because you are focused on growing your church. People have no interest in growing your kingdom.

Your church will probably grow when you focus on Him, truly focus on Him, and help them to truly receive from Him.


Because you will receive fresh waves of His love, and it will point you to let the flow of His love into your life move through you to the people around you. People will come to your church, hungry to receive more of His love. And your current people will begin to change with you, or they will leave, or they will run you out of town (more on that in a moment).

But for many of you, you are trying to get new people in because your current congregation operates in a good many things, except love. And your plan of outreach is a passive attempt to dilute their (your current congregation's) power/influence. But did not Jesus say that only a little bit of yeast works through the whole dough? This plan rarely, if ever works. Why would anyone come to a church you yourself barely want to be at anymore?

Actually, the fact that you only half want to be there, might be the blessing in disguise that you need to reduce the fear that you have about directly handling the spiritual and Biblical deficits among your people, that currently cohabitate with you in your church.

  1. Turn your full focus to Him.

  2. Do what He tells you to do:

    • Love the lost people around you

    • Love the people in your church - which probably means some tough love (or as the Bible says, speaking the truth in love).

What do you have to lose trying this?

Or, keep planning your next community event that runs you ragged, quietly enrages your people, spends a lot of His money, and yields no salvations leading to baptism... and then come read this again in a couple of years when you read it from your new office at your new church that has had the same exact problems.

"What about the congregants who may run me out of town if I make these changes; that you mentioned in the beginning?"

Look, those people will either quickly run you out of town (if they can) because the Lord is operating through you and challenging them in His conviction, or they will most likely slowly run you out of town (maybe over a period of years) and abuse you and your family while they do it!

"You are just being negative!"

I wish I were. I am telling you what I have repeatedly seen over decades of ministry. Not all church members are God fearing or even part of His Kingdom.

Is this all making sense?

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