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A Pastor's Testimonial of Transformation

A note from Ioannis:

The testimonial of transformation below, from Pastor Haylie, is so much of why we do what we do at Grats. I can attest to the change that I personally saw happen in her through the coaching process. But to hear that the change has continued to full on, life altering transformation is beyond exciting... especially to see this amazing person stepping out into her full calling! Do you need change leading to full blown transformation today?

Pastor Haylie's Testimony:

"As I have been reflecting on this last year, I just can’t believe where I am today vs this time last year! God is so good and faithful!


This time last year you were helping me walk through a hard calling that I had been running from for so long! I just so appreciate you being a good steward of what ministry the Lord has given you! To say your ministry helped me is an understatement!! You and your ministry coaching blessed my socks off!!


When I began seeing you in 2022, I felt so defeated. I had a youth and children’s ministry that were going down hill. I was searching for what and where my roll in the church was. And honestly, searching for who I was and who God made me to be.


Your ministry truly changed my life. I give all the glory to God and thanks to you for being a vessel of His good work!


In two weeks, I will begin the journey of a life time, as walk out even more of the calling God has given me! I am heading to the Dominican Republic for an exploratory trip!"

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