Picture of Ioannis Gratsinopoulos

Ioannis Gratsinopoulos


Grats is led by Pastor Ioannis (Pronounced "Yani") Gratsinopoulos. 

The Lord unexpectedly called Ioannis to focus on the ministry of coaching pastors during the summer of 2021, through 3 different friends who don't know one another; all within a one week period of each other. As Ioannis often tells pastors, "I am here to help you because God called me to do that.  I can't do that on my own, but He will help me because He called me to this."

Ioannis is an ordained pastor and holds a degree in church leadership with a minor in psychology.


Ioannis has over 10,000 hours of consulting, training, and coaching in the church and business world. Ioannis has been coaching pastors and church leaders through most of his career, and has been successfully assisting organizational and leadership transformations for over 20 years.  His coaching style, much like his leadership style, is very relational. 


Ioannis has led/co-led multiple ministries and businesses.  His leadership roles have spanned from start-ups and small churches up to larger churches and the Fortune 200; and include the titles of President, Senior Pastor, Director of Operations, State Training Coordinator, Performance Coach, Senior Associate Pastor, and many more. Ioannis was an award winning corporate trainer and coach with-in that Fortune 200 company. Ioannis has lead and served in almost every position in the church, including travelling the country as an evangelist for many years. 


Ioannis himself has been a small church, bi-vocational Senior Pastor.  Ioannis stepped into that Senior Pastor role after the church had experienced years of difficulty and decline.  In fact, they were a church of 50 people who were still meeting in their sanctuary that sat over 600!  Ioannis helped lead this church into important business and ministry transformation.  During his time there, not only did the congregation heal and grow, but their finances moved into the black.

You might be wondering why Ioannis' extensive business background and business leadership, matter within ministry coaching? As Ioannis says, "Most of today's churches are 501(c)3 non-profit corporations. They have chosen to be a not-for-profit corporate business entity and therefore have a spiritual responsibility to operate that business in a manner worthy of the gospel. Running a business entity isn't extensively taught to pastors as they prepare for the ministry."

Ioannis is married with one child, and lives in the Boise, Idaho Metropolitan Area. He spends most of his free time with his family, and as much time outdoors as he can.