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Ioannis Gratsinopoulos


Grats is led by Pastor Ioannis Gratsinopoulos. 

Ioannis is an award-winning, Fortune 200 level trainer, a business and leadership coach, a ministry and leadership coach, and an ordained pastor. In fact, he has over 10,000 hours of consulting, training, and coaching within the church and business worlds, with a focus on successfully assisting organizational and leadership transformations. He holds a degree in church leadership with a minor in psychology. 


Ioannis has also led/co-led multiple ministries and businesses.  His leadership roles have spanned from start-ups and small churches up to larger churches and the Fortune 200, and include the titles of President, Owner, Senior Pastor, Director of Operations, State Training Coordinator, Performance Coach, Senior Associate Pastor, and many more. Ioannis has led and served in almost every position in the church, including travelling the country as an evangelist for many years. 


Ioannis has served in almost every department of the church and in churches of almost all sizes.

Ioannis is married with one child, and lives in the Boise, Idaho Metropolitan Area. He spends most of his free time with his family, and as much time outdoors as he can.

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Ioannis is pronounced Yani. Gratsinopoulos is pronounced Gratsinopoulos.