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Measuring Leadership - Saying Yes

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Good leadership can be measured by how often a leader says yes to their people.

If you are saying a lot of no’s, it may be a sign that you have people who are in the wrong roles. Help those people find the right roles and then find and train the right people for the role that was just vacated. Good leadership begins here!

However, a lot of no's could also be a sign that your leadership needs to mature.

Why? Because when you recruit and train the right people for the right roles, those people will do the right things a majority of the time. However, they are probably doing those right things differently than you would.

Too often, leaders say no to the right people doing the right things simply because it is done differently than how the leader would do it.

This is where many leaders need to grow.

What is your "YES" measurement?

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