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How to Become a Better Leader—At Home and In Your Business

Updated: May 28, 2023

Do you want answers to these challenges:

  • Why the best leaders are often the worst cultivators of team culture (and how to fix this). (4:53)

  • The “retooling” trick for figuring out the best solution to your complex business problems and scaling your business to the next level. (3:20)

  • How to figure out what God’s true purpose for your life and business is in record time. (9:14)

  • The “church is a business” mindset shift for using your faith to grow your business (even if you’re in an unrelated industry). (10:20)

  • How giving your spouse a clearly defined role in your business unlocks faster growth (without sabotaging your family life or ending in divorce). (15:40)

  • The “sell it to your spouse” secret for determining if a new business idea will make money or not in 30 seconds (or less). (18:29)

Ioannis was a guest on the Balanced Business Dad podcast and covered each of those topics.

Or search for it on most major podcast players/platforms.

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