Free Virtual Leadership Master Class

Ioannis is hosting a Free Virtual Master Class on leadership. (No that isn't Ioannis pictured below.)

Topics will include building and implementing vision, tips for better conflict management, and how to make sure that your organization doesn't run you (as opposed to you running your organization).

If you are a business owner or pastor, this class is for you... regardless of experience.

This is also a great class to do with your staff and/or board.

This free 4 session (1 session a week) leadership master class begins Wednesday January 12th and continues every Wednesday through February 2nd - from 4pm - 5pm PST (which is 5pm - 6pm MST, 6pm - 7pm CST, and 7pm - 8pm EST).

Click here to sign-up. Registration closes January 12th at 11am PST.

If you are reading this after January 12th, click here to join the weekly training mailing list - so that we can notify you when the next master class takes place.

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