Below Pastor Konrad's testimonial is our step by step ministry evaluation tool. 


Here are some helpful initial instructions/tips on using the evaluation tool:


  1. Before you begin: 

    • Take a moment to pray; maybe even taking a short prayer walk. 

    • Have a pen and paper in front of you to right your answers down.

    • If this looks or feels too daunting of a task or evaluation... contact us.  We are happy to walk you through it live!

    • If you get stuck while using the tool... contact us.  Again, we are happy to walk you through it live!

  2. Take your time going through the Sticking Point list. Try to be as open and honest with yourself and the Lord, as you can be.

  3. As you read each Sticking Point statement (we recommend asking this out loud), honestly ask yourself and the Lord this question :

    • "Is (Reread the Sticking Point) truly a problem in my ministry?"  Write down your answer - yes or no.

    • If the answer is yes, then ask yourself "How long has (Reread the Sticking Point) been a problem?"  Write down your answer next to the yes.

  4. Once you have finished working through the Sticking Point list, follow the instructions at the bottom to complete the evaluation.​


Ioannis met with me... at a time when I felt especially “stuck” as a pastor...

Ioannis has a unique way of asking questions and providing insight that helps get beyond the surface issues and more to the heart of the matter.

I was challenged by Ioannis in a good and much-needed way. Many Pastors isolate themselves because they don’t have someone to serve as a sounding board or to talk to who will provide constructive feedback.  Ioannis understands the business and ministry side of things as he has experience with both. He is positive, Christ-centered, and highly motivational.”

- Konrad Ziesing, Senior Pastor

Common Ministry Sticking Points Evaluation Tool

  1. God’s Power And Presence Isn’t Flowing Freely In/Through Me Nor My Church

  2. The Congregation Doesn’t Want to Get Involved In The Ministry

  3. Giving And Finances Aren’t Where They Need To Be

  4. My Staff Is Out Of Step With My Vision/Direction

  5. People Are Not Getting Saved - Our Numbers Are Stagnant Or Declining

  6. Our Culture Is Unhealthy At Best - Toxic At Worst

  7. I Don’t Have Enough Time Each Day/Week To Get Everything Done

  8. We Don't See The Fruit Of Spiritual Growth In Most Of Our Congregation

  9. My Church Is Not Growing Towards The Vision That The Lord Gave To Me For It

  10. My Church/Ministry Is More Running Me Than I Am Running It

  11. I’m Not Growing As I Should Be - My Time With The Lord Is Lacking

  12. I Know What Needs To Be Done Each Day, But I Can't Stay Consistent Enough On My Own To Accomplish It

  13. I Don't Feel The Lord's Conviction On A Daily Basis

  14. I Feel Alone In Ministry/Leadership

  15. I Don't See The Fruit Of Personal Spiritual Growth In My Congregation

  16. Our Church Is Repeatedly In Conflict

  17. Ministry Is More Of A Burden Than a Calling

  18. I Dread - Annual Meetings/Board Meetings/Sunday Services

  19. I Struggle With Receiving Help In Leading My Church

  20. I Don't Have Vision For The Future Of My Church

  21. My Congregation Is Not Actively Involved In Personal Evangelism As They Should Be

  22. Other - List Any Unresolved Problems That Have Been Present In Your Church For Longer Than 3 Months

Evaluation Completion Instructions 

Slowly Review your paper using the following instructions/questions/criteria:

  • Do you have any items marked with a yes or listed in the "Other" section?

    • If the answer is no, you have completed the evaluation and your church and ministry is very healthy.  ​

    • If you answered yes, continue with the completion instructions.

  • What amount of time (months/years) did you write next to each of those yeses? 

  • Underline any yesses where you wrote an amount of time that is 3 months or greater.​

  • Underline anything that you listed in "Other".

  • Focusing only on the underlined yeses, ask yourself:

    • Do I have what is needed to solve this Sticking Point on my own/our own.

    • If your answer was that you can in fact resolve it on your own, then ask yourself why you still have the Sticking Point.​

    • If your answer was that you cannot resolve the Sticking Point by yourself, then circle the Sticking Point.

  • Focusing on the circled yeses, reread each Sticking Point (inserting your name into the Sticking Point) out loud and then ask yourself:​

    • "Is (Reread the Sticking Point out loud again with your name inserted) truly a Sticking Point - a big deal that needs resolve?"

      • Draw a large X through any circled Sticking Point that you answer that question with "no".​

  • Focusing on the "cleanly" circled (without an X through them) Sticking Points, once again reread each Sticking Point out loud with your name inserted into the Sticking Point and then ask yourself:

    • Do I really want to continue on as I am, without this Sticking Point being resolved?​

      • Draw a large X through any circled Sticking Point that you answered that questions with "yes".


If you don't have any "cleanly" circled Sticking Points, then your church may be healthy and/or you are content with the ministry and the state of your church. You are done with the evaluation.

If you do have any "cleanly" circled Sticking Points, take a moment to review them one more time. Through this evaluation process, you have now identified specific Sticking Points that you deem to be longstanding problems in your church/ministry that must be resolved in order to transform the health and growth of your church. 


Keep this in mind and you start to respond to that last statement above - if you could have resolved them and transformed on your own, you would have already.  It also probably means that if you previously/currently know of someone who could help you resolve these Sticking Points, you would have already sought their help.


Look at your paper again. You are looking at physical proof that you created; telling you that you should reach out to us about beginning Transformational Ministry Coaching.

Here is what happened to Pastor Ben when he received Transformational Ministry Coaching:

Just as every athlete gets better with a good coach, us pastors are better at carrying out our God given vision when we have a good coach in our corner.  Ioannis helped me to clarify my vision and gave me the next practical steps and motivation to get me unstuck.  With the tools and experience that Ioannis has, any pastor would be blessed to have Ioannis in their corner.

- Ben LaSota, Lead Pastor