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Coaching Scholarship Partner

This coaching ministry is a need for pastors and missionaries. That is why the Lord called us to this work. 

But for many pastors and missionaries, their need for this coaching ministry is hampered by their need for financial assistance to participate.  Pride and finances are the top two reasons that pastors and missionaries reject this help; thereby causing their churches/ministries to continue to suffer.  It is a pretty awful moment when a pastor/missionary steps out in humility, only to be met with financial constraint! The good news is that from the very beginning of The Church, those who had means were instructed to assist those who were in need.


Here at Grats, we participate ourselves in this financial assistance by charging considerably less than what we charge clients in the business world. Unfortunately, at times though, that still isn't enough.


If you are still reading this, there is a good chance that you are someone who can, and should, financially help these pastors and missionaries by becoming a Grats Coaching Scholarship Partner.

When you say yes to being a Grats Coaching Scholarship Partner, we will match you with a pastor or missionary that is coming into the ministry coaching program. You would then give (monthly or the full amount as a one time gift - often useful for end of year giving) directly to their church/ministry, earmarking the monies specifically for ministry coaching.  Why give and partner in this way?  Here are the top three answers:


  • Your financial partnership should be tax-deductible because you will send the monies directly to their church/ministry.

  • People almost always directly associate cost with value. Your giving reduces what the pastor or missionary actually needs to pay out of pocket, but doesn't further reduce the cost (and therefore, perceived value) of the program.  When value is high, so is work ethic and participation.

  • When you give directly to a pastor or missionary, they will often rightly feel a responsibility to you to work harder and get more out of the program.  

You would know who they are (and what church/ministry that they lead), and would be able to specifically and regularly pray for them. Though this isn't required, it is something that we highly recommend!

To begin this process, please fill out the form on this page.  If you can, please note how much you are able to give.  Once received, we will reach out to you to complete the process.


Grats Coaching Scholarship Commitment Form

Thanks for submitting!

If you don't hear from us in the next week, please use the general contact form found on the contact page to let us know.

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